I would like to simply tell you that I quit Oak Ridge National
Laboratory today and I'll join a finance company in New York next

First, I need to thank you for giving me the opportunity to present
a talk in UCLA last year. It's a beautiful end of my career, isn't
it? Thanks for your spiritual support. I found "Have fun!" in the
end of the abstract of your talk in the conference - that's what I
always told Michael (Shelley) my motivation to do research. However,
the tide is turning. You retired and you seemed to be very happy.
So, I decided to follow you.

You are supposed to know the situation of academia more than me. I
found the only way to win my freedom back is to quit. After I told
Michael I got an offer from a finance company, he replied: "Joey, my
best congratulation! You're out of this game."

I would like to show my respect to you in the last day when I am
still a professional mathematician. I'll always respect you but I
can't respect you as a mathematician anymore.

Recently, I got a very beautiful simulation. Please check

I'll ask Michael to handle all my research. I'm glad that I can end
my career beautifully - and thanks again for your help.

Best Regards,