(Upon entering the lounge car)

Jesse: So how do you speak such good English?

Céline: I went to school for a summer in Los Angeles. (points to table) This fine here?

Jesse: Yeah, this is good. (They sit)

Céline: Then I spent some time in London. How do you speak such good English?

Jesse: Me? I'm American.

Céline: You're American?

Jesse: Yeah.

Céline: Are you sure?

Jesse: Yeah.

Céline: (laughing) No, I'm joking. I knew you were American. And of course, you don't speak any other language, right?

Jesse: Yeah, yeah, I get it. So I'm the crude, dumb, vulgar American who has no culture, right? But, I tried. I took french for four years in high school. When I first got to Paris, I stood in line at the Métro station. I was practicing. 'Un billet, s'il vous plaît. Un billet s'il vous plaît' you know --

Céline: (interrupts him, corrects his pronunciation) un billet.

Jesse: 'Un' (corrected). Whatever. 'Un, Un.' (laughs) 'Un billet s'il vous plaît, un billet s'il vous plaît,' y'know, and I get up there, and, uh, I look at this woman, and my mind goes completely blank. And I start saying, 'uh, listen, uh, I need a ticket to get to... you know so anyway. So, where are you headed?

Céline: Well, back to Paris. My classes start next week.

Jesse: Oh, you're still in school? Where do you go?

Céline: Yeah, La Sorbonne, you know?

Jesse: Well, sure. Hey, you coming from Budapest?

Céline: Yeah, I was visiting my grandmother.

Jesse: Oh. How's she?

Céline: (laughing) She's okay.

Jesse: She's alright?

Céline: She's fine, yeah. How bout you? Where are you going?

Jesse: Uh, I'm going to Vienna.

Céline: Vienna? What's there?

Jesse: Uh, I have no idea. I'm flying out of there tomorrow.

Céline: Ah ha. you on holiday?

Jesse: Uh, ye- (indecisive). Uh, I don't really know what I'm on.

Céline: Okay.

Jesse: I've just been. I'm just traveling around, I've been riding the trains the past two, three weeks.

Céline: You were visiting friends, or just on your own?

Jesse: Uh, yeah. You know I had a friend in Madrid, but, umm...

Céline: Madrid? That's nice.

Jesse: Yeah, I got one of those Eurail passes, is what I did.

Céline: That's great. So, has this trip, around Europe, been good for you?

Jesse: Yeah, sure, yeah, it's been, umm... it sucked. You know...

Céline: What?

Jesse: No, uh, it's had its, umm. Well, I'll tell ya, you know, sitting, you know, for weeks on end, looking out the window has actually been kind of great.

Céline: What do you mean?

Jesse: Well, you know, for instance, you have ideas that you ordinarily wouldn't have.

Céline: What kind of ideas?

Jesse: You want to hear one?

Céline: Yeah, tell me.

Jesse: Alright, uh, I had this idea, okay?

Céline: Um-hmm...

Jesse: For a television show. Some friends of mine are these cable access producers, do you know what that is, cable access? (Céline shakes her head) Umm, I dunno... Anybody can produce a show real cheap, and they have to put it on. Right? And I have this idea for this show that would last 24 hours a day for a year straight, right? What you do, is you get 365 people from cities all over the world, to do these 24-hour documents of real time, right, capturing life as its lived. Um, you know, it would start with uh, a guy waking up in the morning, and, uh, you know, taking the long shower, eating a little breakfast, making a little coffee, you know, and, uh, reading the paper.

Céline: Wait, wait. All those mundane, boring things everybody has to do everyday of their life?

Jesse: I was going to say the poetry of day to day life, but, (Céline starts laughing) you know, you say the way you say it, I'll say it the way I say it...

Céline: (laughs) I like that.

Jesse: No listen, think about it like this...

Céline: Who's gonna want to watch this?

Jesse: Well, alright, think about it like this. Why is it, that a dog, you know, sleeping in the sun, is so beautiful, you know, it is, it's beautiful, you know, but a guy, standing at a bank machine, trying to take some money out, looks like a complete moron?

Céline: So, it's like a National Geographic program, but on people?

Jesse: Yeah!

Céline: Hmm.

Jesse: What do you think?

Céline: Yeah, I can (laughs) I can (laughs) I can see it. Like twenty four boring hours, sorry, and like a three-minute sex scene, where he falls asleep right after, no?

Jesse: Yeah, you know I mean, and... I mean, that would be a great episode.

Céline: Yeah.

Jesse: People would talk about that episode. I mean, you and your friends could do one in Paris, if you wanted to, I mean.

Céline: Oh, sure.

Jesse: I dunno, the key, the key... the thing that kind of haunts me is the distribution, you know. I mean, getting these tapes from town to town, city to city, so that the play is continuous, cause it would have to play all the time, or else it just wouldn't work.

(Waiter approaches the table, hands them menus)

Céline: Thank you.

Jesse: Thanks (pause, while waiter walks away). You know what? Not service oriented. It's just, I don't know, an observation about Europe.

(Scene fades out)