RE:  LN7307                         Referee A
The manuscript presents the formulation and an application of the
2D coupled dynamics of a circular cylinder floating in a fluid
otherwise at rest.
The material is interesting, has some originality and looks correct.
It deserves publication after a revision of two points (first one
is necessary) which can be readily addressed. These will improve the
readability and quality of this letter.
1) The method has nothing really new, despite the fact that is has
been used to the present context (the same approach has been often
applied to the case of compliant boundaries). Therefore some additional
results (that the author writes he has already prepared) should be
definitely included for the necessary originality. If the parameter
d is taken as fixed, I suggest even just one additional picture
with few trajectories varying v_0 with omega_0 fixed and a second
figure with viceversa. With these some actual conclusion on the
physics can be drawn.
2) The work is a 2D one and the "ball" is actually a cylinder. Such
a fact must be made clearer. For this reason baseball analogy is
quite loose and much less emphasis should be put on baseball, also
because the assumed density, d, is incommensurable (as correctly
remarked) with that.