My Schedule For 2005 Season

April 3: Boston 2 (Wells), New York 9 (Johnson) Opening Day; Randy Johnson made his 13th Opening Day start and his debut as a Yankee
April 6: Boston 7 (Timlin), New York 3 (Rivera)
April 8: Baltimore 12 (Ponson), New York 5 (Wright) Both Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui's 50th RBI I have seen
April 18: Tampa Bay 8 (Bell), New York 19 (Wright) Enough is Enough! Yankees sent 17 batters to the plate in the 2nd innings and they scored 13 runs, got 11 hits including 7 in a row and 10 consecutive hitters reached safety; Alex Rodriguez got 5 hits - including 2 homers and 2 doubles
April 24: Texas 1 (Astacio), New York 11 (Johnson)
April 26: Anaheim 4 (Colon), New York 12 (Pavano) Alex Rodriguez hit 3 HOME RUNS in his first three at-bats and drove in a career-high 10 runs

April 29: Toronto 2 (Halladay), New York 0 (Johnson)
April 30: Toronto 3 (Chulk), New York 4 (Rivera) MLB debut of Taiwanese pitcher Chien-Ming Wang; Wang retired his first 10 hitters; Tony Womack hit a game-winning single in the ninth inning

"He made it look pretty easy. Maybe we're all trying too hard and we should just go out and do what he did. He looked pretty good."
- Mike Mussina
"He was so poised out there, especially here at the stadium. It was a nice lift, and hopefully it can bring some energy here for a while."
- Alex Rodriguez
"We haven't seen one like it since I've been here. Even when he got into a little trouble, he wiggled off. He didn't do anything wrong."
- Joe Torre

May 8: Oakland 0 (Harden), New York 6 (Brown)
May 9: Seattle 3 (Nelson),
New York 4 (Johnson) The 30th save of Rivera I have seen
May 26: Detroit 3 (Bonderman),
New York 4 (Brown)
May 29: Boston 7 (Wells),
New York 2 (Mussina)
June 16: Pittsburgh 1 (Perez),
New York 6 (Johnson) Randy Johnson reached double digits in strikeouts for the first time as a Yankee
June 18: Chicago Cubs 1 (Glendon),
New York 8 (Wang) Derek Jeter’s first GRAND SLAM of his career; The first win of Taiwanese pitcher Chien-Ming Wang I have seen

June 19: Chicago Cubs 3 (Mitre), New York 6 (Mussina)
June 21: Tampa Bay 11 (Harper), New York 20 (Groom) Down by 4 runs, Yankees scored 13 runs in the 8th inning to win the game! Derek Jeter got 5 hits; The 10th homer of Alex Rodriguez I have seen this season - it's also the 200th homer I have seen
July 4: Baltimore 8 (Ryan),
New Yotk 13 (Anderson) Yankees scored 7 runs in the 8th inning to get the game back for George Steinbrenner's 75th birthday; Alex Rodriguez' 50th RBI I have seen
July 8: Cleveland 4 (Lee),
New York 5 (Wang)
July 26: Minnesota 0 (Radke),
New York 4 (Johnson)
July 29: Anaheim 4 (Santana),
New York 1 (Mussina)
August 10: Chicago 2 (Cotts),
New York 1 (Rivera)
August 12: Texas 5 (Wilson),
New York 6 (Leiter)
August 22: Toronto 0 (Downs),
New York 7 (Wright)
August 28: Kansas City 3 (Greinke),
New York 10 (Leiter) Jason Giambi hit 2 homers and drove in 7 runs; Jorge Posada's 100th hits I have seen