My Schedule For 2004 Season

April 8: Chicago 1 (Schoeneweis), New York 3 (Vazquez) Opening Day
April 14: Tampa Bay 1 (Hendrickson), New York 5 (Brown) Kevin Brown's 200th career win
April 25: Boston 2 (Martinez), New York 0 (Vazquez)
April 27: Oakland 8 (Mecir), New York 10 (Osborne) Down by 4 runs, Yankees scored 6 in the eighth to win the game; Mariano Rivera made his 523rd appearance, breaking a tie with Dave Righetti for the most by a Yankees pitcher
May 2: Kansas City 2 (Affeldt), New York 4 (Mussina) The 10th win of Mussina I have seen
May 13: Anaheim 4 (Lackey), New York 7 (Lieber) The 20th save of Rivera I have seen
May 14: Seattle 5 (Villone), New York 9 (Mussina) The 50th RBI of Bernie Williams I have seen
June 2: Baltimore 5 (Dubose), New York 6 (Prinz)
June 6: Texas 1 (Drese), New York 2 (Mussina)
June 8: Colorado 1 (Fassero), New York 2 (Vazquez)
June 13: San Diego 5 (Beck), New York 6 (Heredia) My 100th game; Down by 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth, Hideki Matsui and Kenny Lofton both hit homers off closer Trevor Hoffman to tie the game! Trailed by 3 runs in the 12th inning, Yankees scored 4 runs in the bottom to win the game!  Both Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter's 100th hits I have seen
July 1: Boston 4 (Leskanic), New York 5 (Sturtze) In the top of the 12th inning, Derek Jeter made a fearless catch to save the game and tumbled into the seats, several rows back; Down by 1 run (Manny Ramirez hit a homer in the top of the 13th inning), 2 outs and 2 strikes with Ruben Sierra on the first base, Miguel Cairo hit a RBI double to tie game! Then John Flaherty rifled the game-winning hit down the left-field line for the victory!!!
The 500th RBI I have seen (Clark); The 50th RBI of Jorge Posada I have seen

"Greatest catch I've ever seen. It was unbelievable. He's just so unselfish. He put his body in a compromising spot. It was hard to watch."
- Alex Rodriguez
"As soon as he was running full speed, I was hoping he wouldn't do what he did. I ran over to see what happened, because I knew nothing good was coming out of that one."
- Jorge Posada
"Because I fell into the stands the last time, and that cement part doesn't feel too good, so I figured I'd try to jump over that. Now I know the seat doesn't feel too good, either."
- Derek Jeter
"Jeter is a great leader and an inspiration for all of our nation's youth. This was the most exciting game I've ever seen in any sport."
- George Steinbrenner
"I can tell you that this was one of the best games I've ever seen. Not only because I was in it. Regardless. Even counting the playoffs. It was one of the best-played games I've ever seen.''
- Pedro Martinez
"I felt bad when Yankees were one strike away from losing the game. It's not a game we definitely needed to win. But after seeing Jeter catch that ball and disappear in the box seat area...... then Miguel Cairo hit the ball hard to the right field and you know the rest of the story."
- Joey Huang

July 5: Detroit 3 (Robertson), New York 10 (Lieber)
July 9: Tampa Bay 4 (Colome),
New York 5 (Vazquez)
July 21: Toronto 3 (Hentgen),
New York 10 (Vazquez)
August 1: Baltimore 7 (Lopez),
New York 9 (Hernandez)
August 3: Oakland 13 (Mulder),
New York 4 (Lieber)
August 5: Oakland 1 (Zito),
New York 5 (Brown)
August 9: Tornoto 5 (Towers),
New York 4 (Loaiza)
August 20: Anaheim 5 (Ortiz),
New York 0 (Lieber)
September 1: Cleveland 3 (Sabathia),
New York 5 (Hernandez)
September 2: Cleveland 1 (Lee),
New York 9 (Lieber)
The 1000th hit I have seen (Williams)
September 4: Baltimore 7 (Ponson),
New York 0 (Mussina)
September 7: Tampa Bay 2 (Sosa),
New York 11 (Lieber)
September 9: Tampa Bay 5 (Bell),
New York 10 (Sturtze) My 20th win of this season
September 19: Boston 1 (Martinez),
New York 11 (Mussina)
September 20: Toronto 6 (Chacin),
New York 3 (Vazquez)
September 21: Toronto 3 (Halladay),
New York 5 (Loaiza) Mariano Rivera's 50th save of the season; Esteban Loaiza's 100th career win; The 50th RBI of Jason Giambi I have seen
September 29: Minnesota 3 (Romero),
New York 5 (Quantrill)
September 29: Minnesota 4 (Lohse),
New York 5 (Lieber) Jon Lieber's 100th career win; Hideki Matsui hit his 30th homer of the season
September 30: Minnesota 4 (Fultz),
New York 6 (Gordon) Bernie Williams hit a two-run homer in the ninth inning and the Yankees clinched the AL East title! The homer was the Yankees' 241th of the season, breaking the franchise record set in 1961