My Schedule For 2003 Season

April 8: Minnesota 3 (Mays), New York 7 (Pettitte) Opening Day; Japanese Slugger Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui became the first Yankee to hit a GRAND SLAM (his first major league homer) in his first game at Yankee Stadium! Fans in the RF bleachers chanted Derek Jeter's name in the first-inning roll call

April 12: Tampa Bay 4 (Harper), New York 5 (Osuna) Hideki Matsui stroked a one-out, bases-loaded single (his first "sayonara'' hit) in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the game
April 16: Toronto 7 (Lidle), New York 6 (Hitchcock)
April 29: Seattle 6 (Meche), New York 0 (Clemens) The first major league matchup between Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui
May 3: Oakland 5 (Foulke), New York 3 (Acevedo)
May 13: Anaheim 10 (Lackey), New York 3 (Mussina) Derek Jeter was activated from the disabled list and played his first game of the year at Yankee Stadium
May 14: Anaheim 5 (Rodriguez), New York 3 (Wells)
May 18: Texas 5 (Thomson), New York 1 (Mussina)
May 24: Toronto 5 (Lidle), New York 2 (Wells)
May 28: Boston 5 (Lyon), New York 6 (Rivera) Jorge Posada drew a game-winning walk for the second straight year against the Red Sox
June 10: Houston 3 (Miller), New York 5 (Mussina) The 10th save of Rivera I have seen
June 14: St. Louis 4 (Morris), New York 13 (Pettitte) The 100th homer I have seen (Giambi)
July 4: Boston 10 (Lowe), New York 3 (Wells)
July 17: Cleveland 4 (Riske), New York 5 (Rivera) Hideki Matsui led off the bottom of the ninth inning with a home run (his first "sayonara'' homer) to win the game! It's New York's first walk-off homer since Jason Giambi's grand slam in the 14th inning against Minnesota on May 17, 2002.
July 21: Toronto 8 (Hendrickson), New York 0 (Weaver) Final in 7 1/2 innings (rain)
July 24: Baltimore 5 (Ponson), New York 3 (Clemens)
August 7: Texas 5 (Fultz), New York 7 (Mussina)
August 8: Seattle 7 (Franklin), New York 9 (Hitchcock) David Dellucci made a spectacular diving catch in right field to save 3 runs (bases loaded, two out). Nick Johnson hit his first career GRAND SLAM in the sixth inning to win the game
August 18: Kansas City 6 (Lima), New York 11 (Weaver)
August 20: Kansas City 7 (Gobble), New York 8 (Clemens)
August 23: Baltimore 7 (Lopez), New York 2 (Mussina)
August 27: Chicago 11 (Colon), New York 2 (Wells)
August 28: Chicago 5 (Cotts), New York 7 (Mussina)
September 5: Boston 9 (Martinez), New York 3 (Pettitte) My first Pedro Martinez game
September 9: Detroit 2 (Rodney), New York 4 (White) My 50th win
September 10: Detroit 5 (Knotts), New York 15 (Pettitte) Jorge Posada hit a GRAM SLAM and drove in a career-high 7 runs
September 11: Detroit 2 (Cornejo), New York 5 (Clemens) the 2nd anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks
September 14: Tampa Bay 5 (Harper), New York 2 (Heredia)