My Schedule For 2002 Season

April 5: Tampa Bay 0 (Kennedy), New York 4 (Pettitte) Opening Day; The 1000th strikeout of Pettitte's career; David Cone sat in right-center field bleachers with the fans; A female fan ran on the field and handed a slip of paper (her phone number) to Jeter before being chased down by security guards

April 16: Baltimore 5 (Bauer), New York 4 (Mendoza)
April 20: Toronto 5 (Plesac), New York 4 (Mendoza)
May 1: Oakland 4 (Hiljus), New York 1 (Mussina)
May 5: Seattle 10 (Pineiro), New York 6 (Wells)
May 15: Tampa Bay 10 (Kennedy), New York 7 (Hernandez)
May 17: Minnesota 12 (Trombley), New York 13 (Hitchcock) Bernie Williams hit a solo homer with one out in the ninth to tie the game! Jason Giambi hit a GRAND SLAM through the rain in the 14th inning and became the 21st time a player (the 1st Yankee since Baby Ruth in 1925) hitting a game-ending grand slam with his team down by three runs!!

May 21: Toronto 1 (Prokopec), New York 4 (Mussina)
May 31: Boston 5 (Lowe), New York 2 (Wells)
June 3: Baltimore 4 (Julio), New York 3 (Rivera)
June 7: San Francisco 1 (Hernandez), New York 2 (Mussina) Barry Bonds' first trip to Yankee Stadium, received mostly boos from the crowd (show your ring Barry, show your ring!)
June 10: Arizona 5 (Johnson), New York 7 (Stanton) Revenge Day; My first Randy Johnson game; Luis Gonzalez was booed for his Game 7 heroics; Rookie Marcus Thames homered on his first major league pitch off Johnson; Shane Spencer hit a two-out GRAND SLAM in the eighth inning to win the game!
June 11: Arizona 4 (Anderson), New York 6 (Wells) Sweet revenge
July 6: Toronto 8 (Parris), New York 3 (Pettitte)
July 17: Detroit 1 (Redman), New York 2 (Pettitte) Jorge Posada singled off Redman in the bottom of the ninth inning scored Derek Jeter with the game-winning run!
July 21: Boston 8 (Urbina), New York 9 (Stanton) Trot Nixon's error let the tying run score and Jorge Posada drew a bases-loaded walk from Ugueth Urbina to win the game!
August 7: Kansas City 2 (Suppan), New York 6 (Clemens) Clemens' first win as a 40-year-old
August 11: Oakland 5 (Mulder), New York 8 (Mussina)
August 20: Anaheim 5 (Sele), New York 7 (Pettitte)
August 24: Texas 2 (Alvarez), New York 3 (Clemens)
September 3: Boston 2 (Castillo), New York 4 (Clemens)
September 7: Detroit 2 (German), New York 1 (Mussina)
September 11: Baltimore 4 (Bauer), New York 5 (Karsay) 9-11 Anniversary; Nick Johnson smacked an RBI single to end an emotional night with two outs in the bottom of the 11th inning
September 15: Chicago 4 (Porzio), New York 8 (Pettitte) Final in 6 innings (rain); The 10th win of Pettitte I have seen
September 24: Tampa Bay 0 (Harper), New York 6 (Mussina)