My Schedule For 2001 Season

June 3: Cleveland 4 (Nagy), New York 3 (Pettitte)
June 8: Atlanta 4 (Glavine), New York 7 (Pettitte)
June 25: Cleveland 7 (Rincon), New York 8 (Witasick)
August 1: Texas 7 (Bell), New York 9 (Hitchcock) Rivera recorded his 200th career save
August 17: Seattle 0 (Abbott), New York 4 (Mussina) Yankees showed the Seattle Mariners who the World Series champions were (special thanks to Dr. Mullhaupt)
September 9: Boston 2 (Nomo), New York 7 (Pettitte)
September 28: Baltimore 0 (Johnson), New York 7 (Mussina) Yankees had two pitchers (Mussina and Clemens) with 200 strikeouts for the first time since 1904; Ripken Jr. received a standing ovation for the final road series of his career